Eat with your feet
in the sand.​
Ponderosa stands for sea, sand, pure Mediterranean bliss. Our beach club in Alcudia is a place where you can enjoy the best local cuisine in an unbeatable atmosphere and idyllic location, on the seafront of one of the most spectacular beaches in Mallorca: Playa de Muro.

Beach club and restaurant in Alcudia, Mallorca

Chiringuito in Mallorca.
This is Ponderosa.

Playa de Muro, voted the third best beach in Europe in the Traveler’s Choice Awards, is an absolute gem of Majorcan nature and the backdrop for a meal to remember at Ponderosa Beach. Our menu is an invitation to enjoy the best of our cuisine: paellas, rice dishes, fresh fish, salads, meats and innovative dishes like no other.

The Ponderosa team will be delighted to welcome you to have lunch with your feet in the sand, in our chiringuito 2.0 in front of the sea, at Playa de Muro. Come and spend an unforgettable day at our beach club in Alcudia!

Restaurant at Playa de Muro

The best place to eat in Playa de Muro

Are you looking for a place to eat in Playa de Muro, a restaurant in Can Picafort? Look no further, you’ve just found it. Our beachfront chiringuito is an invitation to leave your worries behind, disconnect from the daily stress and live an unforgettable experience. On our menu you will find a selection of the best paellas, rice dishes, fresh fish, delicious starters, meats, salads and desserts, as well as a long list of local, national and international wines and the best signature cocktails.

Ponderosa Beach is a beachfront restaurant where the Mediterranean is the only and clear shining star, both in our menu and in our concept. Eating in Playa de Muro, in our chiringuito 2.0, is one of those experiences that will become lifelong memories. We are the perfect place to visit with the family, with your group of friends, as a couple… At our seafront restaurant in Playa de Muro we will go above and beyond to offer you the best Mediterranean cuisine, impeccable service paired with the natural spectacle that Playa de Muro offers as a backdrop. Crystal clear waters, white sands and the Majorcan sun await!

Our menu is an invitation to enjoy the best of our cuisine. If you fancy a good paella in Can Picafort, Ponderosa Beach is the ‘place to be’. If you love fresh fish, we’ve got your back. If you want to try innovative and healthy dishes, you’re at the right place! Are you coming to visit our restaurant in Playa de Muro in Mallorca? We are looking forward to welcoming you. Book your table, right here.

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Ponderosa Beach Cares

Ponderosa Beach cares. Our mission transcends the culinary experience, seeking not only to delight the palate, but also to contribute positively to our environment and community.

We firmly believe that culinary excellence can and should go hand in hand with responsible consumption, care for the environment and sustainability. For this reason, we are proud to employ responsible practices in every step of our process, from the meticulous selection of ingredients (opting for local, seasonal and proximity products) to the conscious management of our resources.


Paella in Can Picafort

The best paella in Can Picafort

¿Te declaras fan de la paella y de los arroces? Estás de suerte. En nuestro restaurante en Playa de Muro somos especialistas en arroces de autor y paellas mediterráneas, en las que los ingredientes locales, de temporada y proximidad juegan un rol fundamental. Si quieres comer una buena paella en Can Picafort, estás en el sitio indicado. Ponderosa Beach es sinónimo de mediterráneo, en todas sus formas y expresiones.

Our gastronomic concept is an invitation to discover the flavours of the Mediterranean in all its expression. Paellas, rice dishes, fresh fish, you name it! At Ponderosa Beach we will take care of offering you the best experience by the sea. Our chiringuito 2.0 is a place to enjoy good times, the Mediterranean lifestyle and the unmistakable beauty of Playa de Muro, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca.

Visit our beach club in Alcudia this season and fall in love with our views, service and culinary concept. Whether you are visiting the island or live here, a visit to Ponderosa Beach is a ‘must’.

Our restaurant in Playa de Muro in Mallorca awaits!

Ponderosa Beach beach club Mallorca Playa de Muro

The ultimate Mediterranean experience – visit a beach club in Mallorca

Mallorca is a place like no other. A spectacular island in the Mediterranean where everyone can find something to do and like. We’ve got a fun capital city, Palma. With stunning architecture, a breath-taking old town, a unique cathedral and a lively cultural and gastronomic life, Palma is one-of-a-kind. Another […]

F Ponderosa beach paella sea sand

The best paella by the sea in Mallorca

There are not many things we enjoy more than having paella by the sea. Serious question: what could possibly be better? If you’ve been to Spain, you probably already know that you cannot leave without doing it. And if you’re into Mallorca and you’ve visited this island before, you are […]

F Ponderosa Beach plan for a day mallorca

Plan for a day in Mallorca’s North

We absolutely LOVE Mallorca. And we absolutely LOVE Playa de Muro. We are really thankful for our location, as we can see the Mediterranean sea and its amazing colors every day. Being a seafront beach restaurant is truly something to be grateful about. But, as usual, we’re not only here […]

Can Picafort beach bar

At our restaurant in Can Picafort, Mallorca, we are experts in signature rice dishes and paellas. So, if you order them, you’ll be making the right choice for sure.

They are cooked to perfection and melt in your mouth. Just pair them with your preferred beverage, and you’ll be experiencing a must-have delight during your island visit. If you’re a local, we’re delighted to welcome you too. Our aim is to let everyone discover our culinary artistry and the passion we pour into every dish. From our Can Picafort beach bar, we invite you to come for a drink and then delve into our offerings.

We are the Can Picafort beach bar that will enhance your stay even further.

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