The best paella by the sea in Mallorca

F Ponderosa beach paella sea sand

There are not many things we enjoy more than having paella by the sea. Serious question: what could possibly be better? If you’ve been to Spain, you probably already know that you cannot leave without doing it.

And if you’re into Mallorca and you’ve visited this island before, you are well aware that we take paella seriously here. We’re not joking around when it comes down to choosing a place to have paella. And if you want to experience the ultimate Mediterranean experience, you’ll have to have yours by the sea, no question asked.

Ponderosa Beach – beach restaurant serving paellas by the sea

Visiting a seafront restaurant while visiting Mallorca is a must. There is nothing that screams ‘Mediterranean vibes’ more than sitting down right in front of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, feeling the breeze and having lunch with your toes in the sand under the sun. That’s what we like to call ‘living your best life’.

Ponderosa beach best paella mallorca

Ponderosa Beach is a chic beach restaurant located at Playa de Muro, one of Mallorca’s longest white-sanded beaches. Even though at Ponderosa Beach we have a wide menu featuring creative cuisine, paella happens to be one of our specialties. Perfectly cooked rice and fresh ingredients added to the flawless technique of our kitchen team will make you live a unique experience.

Ponderosa beach best paella majorca

Among our selection of this typical Spanish rice dish you’ll find rabbit and pumpkin paella, veal sweetbreads and quails paella, the famous ‘Fideuá’ (made with noodles), codfish and Iberian pork, octopus and crab paella, black rice, cuttlefish and shrimp paella and many more.

Ponderosa beach lunch sand

But do you know the true secret? Because it’s not just about first-class cuisine. It’s about a feeling, an emotion, and a moment. It’s about sitting back at one of our tables, hearing and seeing the sea and get the feeling that time stops and you’re right here, enjoying the best paella by the sea on this wonderful island called Mallorca.