Go green! 5 tips to live a green life!

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How important is it to contribute to keep this planet going strong and healthy? As you may already know, we’re taking care of quite the opposite. Humans have become the planets most deadly enemy. So why do you think it is important to ‘go green’? Well, for starters, it is our responsibility to make this planet livable for future generations. While we do that, we will also be stopping global warming and its effects, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases and lower monthly utility bills. Whether you admit it or not, each and every person on the planet needs to do their own thing to help create a sustainable earth.   

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We’re very passionate about this matter, which is why today we decided to share:  

5 tips to go green 


  1. Reuse, recycle, reduce. First things come first. Throwing out packaging has huge environmental consequences – not only does rubbish contribute towards landfill, but it also wastes the energy that went into making the product. By recycling you will minimize the impact. To cut down packages, you can also start refilling products that can be refilled. Say no to single use! Thinking green is not that hard.  
  1. Grow your own fruits and vegetables. If you would like to go one step further on the ‘go green’ list, this is how you can make a difference. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is both, healthy and sustainable. This way you will reduce the amount of non-recyclable packaging your buy from the supermarket each week. Tip: you don’t even need to have a garden, as foods like tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries can easily be grown on a sunny windowsill during the summer. 
  1. Turn it off. This is a really easy way of taking better care of the planet and there are still many many people who don’t know it. You might think that turning the TV to ‘standby’ is a good way to save energy, but even then electronics continue to draw power. The correct way of saving energy would be to turning off appliances after using the electronic device.  
  1. Save water. Our fourth tip is really easy to follow, as we’re basically just saying to be more careful about water use. There are many ways to do so. For starters, you can take short showers.  
  1. Borrow instead of buying. We know it sometimes seems like you ‘need’ something. And sometimes you probably do. But there are many times you actually don’t. Everything that you can borrow instead of buying will be an easy way to go greener. Quick example? Borrow from libraries instead of buying books and movies. 

There are many more things we can do go greener, but we hope these five tips can be a nice start for all of you! Let’s do this together 🙂